Monday, March 12, 2012


Some athletes live permanently at high altitudes so that the extra red blood cells give them a competitive edge when competing at near-sea-level events. That's how partner and I felt when playing at the 0-750 gold pairs 2-session event at the OKC regional.  At our club game, the average masterpoint holding is about 1500 and all six regular pairs are quite strong. The regional pairs event was a comparatively easier field.

In the first session, we had a 68% game.  If it wasn't for this board, we'd have broken 70% and probably got our names in the bulletin.  Third hand, north opens 1D and my partner had a decision to make.  What would you bid?

My partner selected 1S.  As it turns out, 1NT might have worked out better.  I showed a limit raise with 2D (see below). He had, of course, over-called a 4-card suit but was afraid of hearts at NT.  So, he bid 3D. I wasn't sure what that meant, so I simply corrected to 3S and we played in 4S.  Partner made it, but the field was in 3NT making 10 tricks.  4S was worth only 2 out of 11 match-points.

Yes, she really opened 1D with that hand.  It was alerted as "could be short".


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  2. This difficult defensive hand can be handled with a POWER DOUBLE. Partner responds 2C (6+ hcp) and eventually you end up in 3NT.

  3. Good suggestion, but the problem with a double from partner's point of view is that I am apt to jump to 4H with a half-way decent 5-card suit. I think I like 1NT best. It only lies about 1 card in hearts and gets the diamond stopper and point count right.

  4. Just noticed, one small but important detail is missing here: S doubled over my 1S, apparently penalty, but I took it for hearts (negative dbl) of course, otherwise I would just have bid 3NT after your 2D. 3D = asking for heart stopper was of course too cryptic.