Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Playing with a robot means there is no one to let down

I don't typically play robot tournaments on BBO because:

(1)  "best hand for South" is too artificial for me
(2) Having a robot for a partner somehow makes my play less serious -- there is no one to let down!

But I did play a robot tourney yesterday, finishing barely in the money with 54% and both these aspects were on full display, ironically on the best and worst hands of the set.

My best result (worth 81%) was when I passed out a 13 point hand in fourth seat.  Totally artificial.

The worst hand of the set was this one where I forgot that LHO had bid clubs.  Partner happily put me in 4S which got doubled and went down 3.  4H, of course, should go down.  Surprisingly, -500 was worth 38% because some five players defended in such a way that 4H made.

Forgetting what the opponents bid never happens when I have a human partner -- this is strictly behavior that happens when playing with a robot!

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  1. I play with robots when I'm killing time and just playing for fun. I've underruffed and done all kinds of terrible things.