Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What's this blog about?

Two of my favorite columns in the ACBL Bridge Bulletin are Larry Cohen's "The Real Deal" and Mark Horton's "Misplay this hand with me". I like them because they are not fake constructions, but instead show the thought process of an expert player as they play real hands.

I'm an intermediate bridge player (about 90 MPs), so my mistakes are a lot more basic than theirs. As soon as my card hits the table or I click a button, I know that I made a mistake. I call these "It's too Late Now" moments -- I should have thought before I played or bid.

This blog is an effort to learn from my mistakes, to get into the habit of analyzing before playing. I hope that it will be useful to beginners and intermediate bridge players.

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  1. Great idea, one that many should follow.
    Do you know of a computer solution site for problem hands? I recently came across a nasty problem in BBO's Bridge Master series, in the "World Class" problem set. REALLY HARD! So, after failing to make a contract, it would be cool to see if a computer can do it.