Sunday, November 17, 2013

This won't happen again

I religiously play the bridgez tournament everyday (if you don't have a Windows machine and therefore can not play using the wbridge5 client, then use this website to play the bridgez tournament).

Inevitably, the wbridge5 robot places very high in the rankings, perhaps because it understands the opponents' and partner's signals perfectly.   In the Nov. 17 tournament, however, I managed to beat the wbridge5 robot. In fact, it looks like I beat out all but one of the humans.

What this probably means is that I took a few against-the-odds positions and they paid off. Still, I'm happy to have beaten the robot.  That probably won't happen again.

p.s. Lest you get the wrong idea:  67% is way outside my usual range -- I currently average around 55%.


  1. I believe that the robots bid all the hands with themselves rather than the wbridge5 robot we have to use. This is a huge advantage for them.

    But great score!