Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Undiscussed bids in the slam zone

Playing with an occasional partner in a strong club game, we have already had a couple of misunderstandings. In spite of that, we are doing well (we'd finish with 54%).

As East, I picked up:

South dealt and passed and the bidding goes:
(1) 20-21
(2) transfer to hearts

What's your rebid holding my cards?

I decided to pattern out, and bid 4C.  Partner, unsure what this was (cue-bid self-agreeing hearts?) kept the bidding open with 4H and that's how we ended up in 6H for this result:

I should have kept it simple.  Knowing that we were going to slam anyway, I should have simply bid 5NT over 3H.  Partner could bid 6H with 3 of them, bid 6NT with his actual holding.  If partner decides to scramble to 6C or 6D, I can pass 6C or correct 6D to 6NT.

4C, undiscussed, was simply too risky.

p.s. Thanks to John Goold for putting his Bridge Blogging Tools on the cloud. The hand diagrams in this post were formatted using his tools.

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  1. I gave this hand to someone who thought a transfer to hearts followed by 5NT might be grand slam force, i.e. bid 7H with 2 of the top 3 honors, so an immediate jump to an undiscussed 5NT also has peril. With a flat 20/21 opposite your 14 count, maybe 1NT-6NT is the auction to have, it's difficult to imagine a hand where 6H makes but 6NT goes down, with a combined 33-35 high card points.