Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Discipline pays

The second session of the 0-750 Gold Pairs was not the cake walk that the first session was.  It had nothing to do with what partner or I did ... it was just that the opponents were bidding their contracts and taking their tricks. With one round to go, we were in fourth place with 51%.  The last two boards were near-tops, taking us to 56% which was just about enough to win.  The session win, and the overall top, was good was 6 gold points.

The last-but-one board was a nicely bid club slam by partner:

The 3D and 3S are control-bids and 4NT is RKC for clubs. 6NT makes here, but is hard to bid since at 6C at least, it could be possible to establish my 5-card spade suit by ruffing:

The last board was this one (1NT=15-17):

What do you bid?

Would you have thought that this board would produce a match-point top?

Me? I passed and led a spade. This was the full hand (click Next to see the play):

Declarer was down 2 for 200 points. Top board for us. Most of the field, holding my hand, had over-called 2S.  I held neither a 6-card suit nor a two-suited hand, so I passed.  One of my rare attempts at discipline ...

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