Friday, March 16, 2012

Falling for it

Sunday Swiss at the OKC regional.  We're playing in the 0-2000 section and have won the first three matches and are now playing the eventual winners.

First board of the match, they bid 1NT and go down 3 (vulnerable!).

Second board of the match, they bid 3H and go down 3.

Third board of the match, they bid 2S. I have 18 high-card points and 4 spades. I do what any idiot would do under these circumstances. I double. They make 10 tricks, get 13 imps on the board and win the match by 11 imps.My partner and teammates were surprisingly even-keeled about the whole thing.

Their even keel helped; we won the last two matches, came in fourth overall and picked up 5 gold points.

Still ... it was a spectacular lesson in why you should not double part-scores at imps.

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