Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Masterpoints as consolation

At the Oklahoma City regional, partner and I had a horrible, horrible game (49%) but still managed to pick up 1.6 masterpoints.  "It's nice to have a bad game," partner remarked, "and get masterpoints as consolation".

It seemed that every high-variance play rebounded to the opponents' favor. Take this board, for example. The bidding starts out 1NT by North. South uses Stayman, North denies a 4-card major and we end up in 3NT played by North. If you are sitting East, what do you lead against 3NT on this contract?
We got the 10-diamond lead (Deep Finesse tells me that's the only lead that will beat the contract) and went down. Most of the field, I imagine, got a major suit lead, making.

And so it went all night. At least we got some MPs out of the fiasco.

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