Thursday, June 12, 2014

Don't fake a reverse when you can open 2C

One of the recommended actions for a Bridge World Death Hand is to fake a reverse.  So, I thought I'd try it on this hand to avoid an auction that goes 1C-1S-3C:

As you can see, the 2D fake reverse was not a success. When dummy came down, I thought I had a chance, but then I discovered the diamond break ...

What's better?  Best, I think, is to open this 4-loser hand 2C and after the inevitable 2D, bid 3C.  Partner will probably put me in 6C then.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Easybridge flyer

The Norman Bridge Club is going to be running EasyBridge classes starting next Thursday.  I looked at the suggested flyers for advertising, and they are ... horrible.  The entire aesthetic is so 1970s.

I decided to create a more modern-looking flyer and in an effort to decorate it, went looking for cartoons or photographs for the flyer. I found a few including a pretty cool New Yorker cartoon titled "Turning Tricks". But, then I also decided to create one of my own using Tondoo, a company run by one of my undergraduate classmates:

Here's the full flyer.  What do you think?

In case someone else is running bridge classes and wants to use my flyer as a template, click the link to get it as a Microsoft Word Document.

More info on our EasyBridge lessons are on the club's Facebook event page.