Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Whose is the most egregious bid?

Look at all four hands and the auction.  Who made the most egregiously bad bid?

I think it's a tough choice.  Everyone at the table (except my partner) is overbidding like crazy.  What was West's 3S? And why is East raising to 4H? And look at me -- bidding 5D with an aceless wonder and no two pictures in the same suit!  On the other hand, is partner underbidding? Should he have raised to 4S?

A diamond lead now should lead to one down.  But the opponents defended the only way I could make my inane bid. West led the Ace of hearts, then switched to his diamond.  This is an obvious singleton since East can see the deuce in his hand. Yet, when he was in with the ace of trumps (I'd run my jack), he led back a heart and I quickly pulled trumps, and dropped my losers on the long diamonds. 5S making was naturally a top board.


  1. Okay, East was forced to raise to 4H. He's blameless.

  2. I thought 3S must have been a misclick...

    Pass looks right to me here, but 3H or (perhaps better) 3C doesn't seem outrageous.

  3. I personally don't think I should bid 4S here: I have a min opener, already shown with the dbl, and the flat hand looks better on defense.

  4. 3S must be a misclick of 3H, no way that's a real bid.

    North has a takeout double but not a raise to game, over 3H by west I'd be tempted to compete to 3S.

    I'm truly against 5D. If your partner has promised 4 card spade then you should bid that instead and if not a penalty double fits your soft values more.