Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Do you sacrifice at the 5-level holding two aces?

Holding this hand, what do you do at this point?
Holding two aces, do you sacrifice at the 5-level?

If it helps (and this is a blog about mishaps after all), at the table I reasoned that I had reasonable defense against 5H (if partner has 4 spades and 6 points) passed. The full hand was:

5H was lay-down although a couple of declarers managed to go down by tackling clubs before pulling trumps.

Score for reasonable actions:
  1. Pass and 5H makes = lose 5 imps
  2. Double and 5H makes = lose 8 imps
  3. Bid 5S and make it = gain 10 imps
  4. Bid 5S and get diamonds wrong = gain 3 imps
It is still a bidder's game.

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