Friday, November 4, 2011

To bid or not to bid ...

Sitting west, you deal and pass.  Leftie bids 1S, partner doubles (takeout) and rightie raises to 2S.

What do you do?

On the plus side, you have no wasted spades, you have a double fit and a singleton.

On the minus side, you have 5 high-card points and are vulnerable.

What would you do?

I passed.  We held them to 2S+1, for 51%.  4H makes, for 96%. 3H+1 would be 88%. 3D= would be 79%. Even if you go down 1, you would get 68%. Here's the complete hand.  It's a bidder's game, especially when you are playing with a deck that has only 3 suits. I should have ventured a bid.

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