Thursday, November 17, 2011

Should you give partner what he wants?

After a 1S-4S auction, partner leads the 6 of hearts:
Now, what do you play next?

Obviously partner wanted a ruff.  I cashed the Ace of hearts and played a heart. It was too late now. Declarer ruffed with the jack of spades and partner over-ruffed. with the queen. Partner's king of spades got finessed and declarer dumped a club loser on the good king of hearts.

I should have thought harder. Partner has a singleton heart (with a doubleton, he'd have led the 10).  He also has 4-5 spades, so I had to be careful to not have him ruff with a natural trump trick. The winning play is for me to lead a club now. Alternately, I could have lead the 9 heart for partner to ruff low. Partner gets one more spade and declarer has no place to park his losing club.

This is the complete hand.

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