Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Promising too much

Playing online with a regular partner, I pick up the following hand:

Partner opens 1C and RHO overcalls a heart.  What do you do?

I bid 1NT and it's too late now, because 1NT has promised a stronger hand than what I have. LHO bids 2H and partner competes to 2NT, going down 1.  Although 2NT can make double dummy, it requires placing both king spade and king diamond with north.

I should pass 1H.  2H should be down 1 (club lead, heart back. Then we get two two spades, a heart, a diamond and two clubs). If 1H gets passed to partner, he can bid 1S and I can venture 1NT or 2C at that point.

1 comment:

  1. Interesting hand, I wouldn't want to play 2NT!

    I've found the key to bidding less is having faith in my defence. There's less pressure to bid if we'll get all the tricks defending.