Sunday, October 2, 2011

Getting too greedy

If you find yourself in London on a hot summer Sunday, what do you do?

I've done all the touristy things in London already, so I went to the Acol Bridge Club.  First, I went to the website to make sure I wouldn't have to play Acol there, but it turns out that you can play anything. The system is named for the club, not the club for the system. Apparently the club used to be on Acol Road and the bidding system was created by fellows who played at that club.

Anyway, I showed up for their lunch duplicate and I got matched with a nice musician/paramedic. We had a decent game (51%), not bad for a walk-on partnership.

The hand above is the one that stands out for learning potential.  Sitting East, I bid 1NT and it got passed around to North to who bid and got to play 2S. I lead a sneaky 10S; declarer failed to cover and now I had 4 spade tricks, 1 diamond trick and 1 club if I lead the King of clubs now.  It should be down 1.

But ... if I can make declarer play clubs, he could go down 2. I pulled four rounds of trumps planning to lead a heart, so as to not be end-played, but my partner threw away diamonds on my trumps. Declarer happily took three diamond tricks, discarding his two club losers.

Instead of getting 18/25 matchpoints for getting them down 1, we got a dead bottom for letting them make the contract.  This doesn't quite meet the theme of this blog, because it was not one moment of careless play, but I should have taken the sure line to get them down 1. I needed to be less greedy.

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