Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The wrong discard

Playing online with a regular partner in a matchpoints tourney, we defend 4H (click on "Next" to follow along):

Partner led a heart and declarer took two rounds of hearts, a diamond and two more hearts. I discard a club (easy) on the third heart. On the fourth heart, what do you discard?

Diamond or spade?  Dummy has four cards in both.  I threw away a diamond and it was Too Late Now.  Dummy's fourth diamond was good and he could discard a loser on it.   4H+1 was a top board for them. Most of the field was in 4H making.

From the bidding (he didn't sit for 3NT),  partner has the Ace of spades. Declarer probably has 3 cards in each minor since with four, he would have bid 6-4-6.  I need to discard spades and protect the diamond Jack.

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