Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Support with support

Partner and I had a nice 57% game last night, good enough for second at the club and almost good enough to break the top-25 nationwide in the Common Game.  This was one of the hands that I wish I could take back.

I was West and passed. After North opened 1D, partner (East) overcalled 1S.  South doubled, showing hearts.  What's your bid?
Here are some options:

  1. 2S -- support with support.  A simple raise showing 3 spades and 4-10 points in competition.
  2. 2D -- cue-bid showing 3 spades and 9-11 points.
  3. 1NT -- showing 8-10 points, diamond and heart stoppers. Tends to be 2 spades
I fell from grace. Reasoning that my diamonds were likely to be worthless in a suit contract (they'd be ruffed by South), I decided to bid 1NT.  This was disastrous because North bid 2H over the 1NT, partner bid 3C reasoning that I must have minors and we ended up in 3S doubled and down 2.

For a nationwide bottom.

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