Thursday, January 28, 2016

Genetic Diversity

My opponent on one of the hands I played at the club game on Tuesday emailed:

Great to play against you last night, including board 25 where you opened
1 NT on void, Ax, Axxxx, AKJxxx and wound up in 5D. It's so great that you
have children, because otherwise society would have to put you in some
sort of captive breeding program in order to preserve the genetic
diversity that you bring to the world.  There simply aren't that many
humans who would bid the hand that way!

This is the hand that got him so snarky:

Partner (N) passed as did East.  Having sorted the South hand as follows:
♠ AKJ   ♥ A2   ♦ A7632   ♣ 754
I opened the hand 1NT (15-17).   West overcalled 2S and partner passed.  East, with remarkable restraint, passed!   At this point, I looked down at my hand and realized that I actually held:
♠ -   ♥ A2   ♦ A7632   ♣ AKJ754
The rest of the bidding went:
North E South (me) W
P P 1NT 2S
P P 3C P
3H 3S 4D P
P 4S 5C P
5D P P P

Seems quite normal to me.

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  1. As the anonymous east, I passed over 2S, because I didn't think there was much chance of game (my partner is just supposed to have spades, and I can't really find out what I would want to know from him about his shape), and I find it unusual for souths to balance on this auction. This particular south found 3 subsequent bids however…..