Monday, December 17, 2012

A flexible bid gives me too much rope

The contract was not a success: 4S went down 3.  Which bid was wrong -- the takeout double or the subsequent raise to game?

Looking over the hand-records, anyone who held my hand and overcalled 1D did well.  North bid 1NT, East came in with 2H and EW played it there for down 2.  No one holding my hand passed 2S: they all bid 4S and went down 3 or 4.

(a) Is there something about this hand that indicates that a 1D overcall would work out better than a takeout double?  Diamonds are much better, but it is not clear that diamonds (rather than, say, spades) is what I want led.

(b) Is there a better bid than 4S? I would think that 3D would indicate 17+ and no spade support.


  1. I have comments but no answers :)

    In my view it is important to get the major suits into the game and, after a 1♣ opener, I need to consider how to do this and consider that they might raise the level of the auction.

    If I overcall 1♦, am I strong enough to double 3♣ if that comes back to me? If the answer is yes, then overcall; if no, then double.

    I would not respond 2♠ since it makes finding a heart fit so difficult and it is unlikely that 1♠ is going to be passed out. I think the South hand is only worth a single raise and even passing is not silly.

    Bidding 3♦ over 2♠ should be a strong and flexible hand. Typically five diamonds, two to three spades and values for game (after the jump response to the double). It may help you reach four hearts instead.

  2. I believe "standard" is that a 2C advance by North asks South to bid a four card major, and that a follow up single raise of that major shows invitational values and both majors. Given that belief, there is no reason for North to show invitational values by jumping to 2S; he can show those values and both majors by cuebidding and then raising the 2H bid to 3H. In other words, the 2C cue bid is forcing but only "to suit agreement".

    I like your takeout double, but think the rest of the auction should have gone as suggested in the above paragraph, ending with your hand passing 3H (best) or raising to 4H (not best, at least this time ... North could have been KJxx, KQxx, xx, xxx .. then 4H plays better).