Friday, November 2, 2012

Coming up roses

Playing our big club system, online, I forgot my bid.

My double here (after a jump overcall of partner's artificial bid showing 16+ points) is supposed to show 7+ points and a balanced hand. I thought it was showing 5-8 balanced (as it would had the opponents bid 2C, not 3C). Anyway, having overbid my hand, I was now playing a 4-3 fit at the 4-level.  Click on my name to hide the other hands and plan the play once East leads the 7 of clubs.

Can you make it? I could! (click Next to see my play) Sometimes, the most egregious bid comes up roses.

Had I passed, of course, partner reopens with a double and now I ought to pass. We would have gotten an easy 500 instead of the seemingly miraculous 420.

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