Saturday, January 21, 2012

Keep them out of slam

At the club yesterday, we had a solid game (54%), but not enough to scratch.

Here was one of the problem hands where I was West. Because the club hasn't uploaded the hand results yet, I can't see what happened at other tables.  From my point of view, everything looks so ... routine.  Why would 6H making 6 on this hand be a zero?

What am I missing?  Should I have bid 4NT over 1H to show the two-suited minors? That might have made it harder for them to find their cold slam.  Sacrificed in 7C?


  1. 2C, 2NT (not 4NT), and double are each reasonable calls from West, but I don't see how that would stop North from bidding keycard. I suspect that other Souths did not open (and I know I would not open either) and that was just your bad luck.

    Sacrificing would not be my choice as East, either. I would not be at all sure that the field gets to slam and I would not be surprised if the doubled set in clubs exceeds the value of the opponents' game (as it does here), and so I would just pass and take my chances that the opponents had overbid.

    Tough luck!

    1. I suppose that could be an explanation.

      If South passes, I bid 1C:

      P - 1C - 2C (5-5 majors)

      and partner would now have to bid 5C to stop them, but this is a more likely explanation.

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  3. I looked it up, there were no sacs at the club. Everyone else peacefully took +480. I think the only possible explanation is that it indeed started P-1C/D and maybe N got nervous that S might have nothing and then 5H is too high.

    (I'd probably open your hand system conform with 1D to be able to show both suits after 1C-1H/1S/1NT.)

  4. This is a 24-point slam which, while you might expect many experts to reach it, I would be surprised to find even half getting there "at the club." As Jeff pointed out, you were unlucky. That's bridge.