Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Find the wrong bid

Playing online with pickup partners, nearly all of our bad boards were the result of poor decisions.

Here is one of them (it's IMPS scoring). Do you agree with my bidding?
Of course you don't agree with my bidding. I only post my mishaps. Which of my bids -- the initial bid of 1H or the pull of partner's double -- do you not agree with?

This was the full hand:
5H was down 1 -- losing only the two aces and the king of hearts, since I was able to end-play south. As for the bidding, my pull of the double was correct. My hand is worth nothing on defense (swap the opponents' clubs and hearts and 5D makes) whereas the cue-bid makes it likely that we have a double fit in the majors.  The wrong bid, I think, was 1H. I should have bid 2H, a weak-jump-overcall that would have described my distribution and strength much better. Now, if partner doubles, I can pass without any misgivings.

Here was another poor decision (this one is matchpoints). Find the wrong bid:

This was the full hand:
Sure, partner's bids did not exactly exhibit good judgment, but the really bad decision on this hand was mine. It was the decision to open in fourth seat with such poor holdings in the majors. I should have just passed this hand out.

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  1. FWIW ...

    I agree that West should have preempted at his first turn on the first hand: 3H would be my choice. After that call, West can be quiet and see how much mayhem is caused by his preempt.

    On the second hand, most of the calls seem reasonable to me: perhaps against this particular pair you did not want to settle for anything but a positive score. The call I do not understand, however, is your partner's raise to 4H. On a good day -- but not today -- 3H might make.