Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The fewer the trumps ...

I was in Las Vegas on work, and decided to look up an old friend and catch an evening of bridge.  It was nice to see another Oklahoma exile and realize how far I'd come since the last time I'd played with him ...

We got to one poor 4-2 contract but, surprisingly, it turned out to be an average board because most others in our seats got to a poorer 5-1 one!  This was the hand:

Dealer: W
Vul: EW
♠ A53
♥ 9
♦ AK1093
♣ A965
♠ K2
♥ AK54
♦ J875
♣ JT3
♠ QT76
♥ J63
♦ 64
♣ KQ74
♠ J984
♥ QT872
♦ Q2
♣ 82

 1D - P - 1S - P
1NT - P - P - X
P - 2C - allpass
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After West opened 1D, partner (North) had no good bid and passed. East bid 1S and West bid 1NT.  This runs around to me (South).  What would you do in this situation?

I decided to double for takeout, and partner played the 4-2 fit in clubs.  Surprisingly, this turned out better than other tables' 2H doubled.  Their vulnerability argues for me to pass 1NT.  At least, I now know enough to not bid 2H in this situation -- West is very likely to have 4 hearts in this auction.  Five years ago, I'd have bid 2H.  Progress!

Talking of progress, I was very happy that I was able to make 6H-doubled on this hand.  See if you can find the line:

Dealer: N
Vul: NS
♠ AK432
♥ KJ54
♦ T874
♠ 986
♥ T863
♦ K5
♣ AKJ6
♠ T75

♦ QJ62
♣ Q97542
♠ QJ
♥ AQ972
♦ A93
♣ T83

1S - P - 2H - P
4C - P - 4NT - P
5H - P - 6H - X
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Partner's 4C was a splinter.  With my poor holding in clubs, I got excited and propelled towards 6H, which West doubled.  She then laid down the Ace of clubs.

What's your line? This is what I did:

  • Ruff the club in dummy
  • Low spade to Queen
  • Ruff another club in dummy
  • Jack of hearts, learning of the 4-0 break
  • Low spade to Jack
  • Ace of diamonds
  • Ruff final club in dummy.  At this point, dummy has AKx of spades and three diamonds.  I have four hearts and two low diamonds.
  • Ace of spades, throw a diamond
  • King of spades, throw another diamond.  West ruffs, but that's it.
This depends on West having at least 3 spades.  Do you see a better line?

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