Saturday, April 5, 2014

Broken streak

When a streak starts, you don't even notice it.  The first three boards of an online pairs tournament, our opponents got a little overboard and I didn't think much about it.  By the sixth or seventh board of only positive scores, it starts to be a little obvious.  Is the streak going to continue?

Well here was our scorecard for the night:

The board that broke the streak of positive scores (#10) was a bit of a fix. Partner opened his 4-card spade suit in 3rd seat, stealing North's bid. I raised with my 3-card suit and South balanced with 2NT showing the minors.  North simply passed instead of bidding 3D.  3D, which is the normal contract, is down 1, but 2NT made on the nose ...

Not that we avoided all disasters of course. In #9, we played a hand that was cold for 7NT in 6C ...  (#7 was simply them taking all their tricks). Still, 12 positive scores would have been a nice streak ...

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