Monday, January 20, 2014

Extreme Moysian

A few weeks ago, intrigued by a discussion about raising responder in a 1m-1M auction with only 3 spots, I started reading up on how to play Moysian contracts.  It came in useful today, although the contract was not exactly a 4-3 fit.

The reason I was playing a 4-2 fit at the 4-level was because I took partner's double as negative. Vulnerable, no less.  That's a benefit of playing with random partners on BBO -- you get experience playing inconceivable contracts.

I won't ask what you think of the bidding.  East started with top heart and small heart.  What's your plan?

The spade spots are actually quite decent. I'm missing the KQ of spades, but do have the J-10-9.  Maybe west preempted with 3 spades?  Could the spades be split 4-3?  I could escape this for one down.

East, however, inexplicably ducked the 10 of spades (he should take it and shift to a diamond to put partner in and get a heart ruff).  So, I ended up making the contract (click Next to see my play).

The other table was in 2C making 3, so this was 11 imps to the unhinged bidders.

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