Sunday, October 20, 2013

Do you also zig?

Playing a BBO team match, you know the state of the match at the end of every hand.  With two boards to go, your team is leading by 16 imps.  So, you know the opponents are going to try to create swings.

On the last-but-one hand, RHO preempts 3C and you hold:

What's your bid?

This would be a straight-forward 15-17 NT bid, but 3NT seems a bit rich.  Opposite a typical 7 points, I don't see a way to 9 tricks unless partner has a long suit of his own.

Double has a narrow target -- only if partner bids 3H do I have a straight-forward response. If he bids anything else, we might end up too high.

What about simply passing? Partner rates to be short in clubs and my partner here was quite aggressive. Surely, he'd reopen?  If he reopens with a double, I can bid hearts or pass for penalty.  If he reopens in diamonds, I can bid 3NT. If he reopens in a major, I can cue-bid 4C.  Pass seems the most flexible option.

Well, not today.  Partner passed and we beat the contract 3 tricks, for a loss of 7 imps.  The other table played in 3NT.

This was the complete hand:


  1. Your partner has an easy double at any stage of the match.

    Your call is more difficult but pass is probably best. But notice that game has some play even opposite the weaker of the two other hands, despite it only holding six points.

  2. You have the auction order wrong. It's 3C followed by 2 passes to the north hand....clearly wrong as stated on the hand record.

    1. I'm not sure I follow. I was North. West was dealer and he opened 3C. I was second-hand on the deal.

    2. well then it went 3c on your right; not your left.

    3. ah, yes, you are right. RHO was the one who preempted. I've fixed the post now. Thanks for catching it.

  3. Well, I hope you at least still won the match. Did you?