Saturday, October 20, 2012

Virtue unrewarded

Playing in a robot tourney on BBO, I bid 5C, got doubled and made it.  For 32%!  The majority were in the same contract, but they made an over trick.

What would be your line of play here? Once you have decided, click Next to see my line of play.

Since I have only entry to dummy, I decided to take what I thought was the better line on diamonds, to lead the Queen.  It appears that most players took the heart finesse, and when that won, they had a diamond discard available.

Is this just virtue unrewarded, or am I missing something?  Such as that since West discarded the 7 (assuming that is not a false card), I could have assumed that he had the King and led a low diamond towards the queen.


  1. Why not play off three more clubs before making a decision, then you can lead small towards the diamond queen retaining most overtrick chances.

  2. Here's one thought: You know from the opening lead the East has the A-K of spades. West doubled on a club void, doesn't he have to have both red kings?

  3. I like a diamond to the queen. Should that lose to the DK (unexpected), then DA and play off all of your trumps for a red suit pop up (or show up) squeeze. (Your hand has small club, DT, small heart; dummy has HAQ and D9; LHO has DJ and HKx. On the last club, you pitch D9 from dummy. If the DT in hand is not good, then HK should pop on lead of a small heart.) As usual, a pop up squeeze is just a fancy finesse.